Interior Design Projects

All of the projects I undertake are special to me and to my clients. I have selected a few to describe; some with pictures of the completed project.

Stanford Overlook Lobby
(main and upper lobby)

Stanford Grill

1801 16st Street, NW. Washington, D.C.
(Somerset House lobby,common areas and model apartment)

(Somerset Wine/Social Room & Gym)

Neyla Restaurant Reston Virginia

Center for Plastic Surgery

Captiol Metro Financial Services

The Jordan Group

Columbia Gateway Lobby

Columbia Gateway Dentist

Stonehaven Community Center

IBL Enterprises Office at Stanford Overlook

Baxley Development, Inc. - Developer of Stanford Overlook - Main Office

Residential Project in Potomac, Maryland

Residential Project #2 Potomac, Maryland

New Wave Hair Salon

Old Courthouse Road

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